Star Little

Photos By: Ryan Calderon




Q: Nickname?
A: Lucky

Q: Tattoos?
A:i have a few but i try to keep them hidden

Q: And piercing's?
A: just my nose and belly button

Q: Hidden talent?
A:i use my feet like hands sometimes

Q: Craziest thing done to get a guy's attention?
A:when i was 13 i got my nipples pierced because i had a crush on the guy and i wanted to show him the goods

Q: Biggest turn-on?
A:there is nothing sexier then someone who ca make me laugh

Q: Biggest turn-off?
A: Negativity... I'm an upbeat person i cant have someone harshing my mellow

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: Fairytail! I'm a huge anime nerd, but if i had to pick from normal tv it would be the Flash.

Q: Best pickup lined that worked on you was?
A: Do you mind if I hang out here until it's safe back where I farted? I laughed so hard it was hard not to start conversation.

Q: Where else would you want to live?
A:Tokyo, Japan! Everything i love in one spot

Q: Worst habit?
A: smoking... I'm trying to quit but its hard.

Q: Sports?
A: Im actually a hockey fan, my favorite teams are the Red Wings and the Kings.

Q: Music?
A: i love almost all music, anything with a good rhythm

Q: Addictions?
A: can u be addicted to food?? if so i totally am.

Q: Personal style?
A:Hot Mess LOL it really depends on my mood

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A:Bad Girls Club.... i honestly get upset at myself for enjoying the none sense of that show

Q: Phobia?
A: DRIVING... i have a really hard time being in cars and cant drive at all.




Name: Star Little
Official Site:
Country of Origin: USA
Province / State: california
Place of Birth: hollywood
Date of Birth: 2/13/1887
Astrological Sign: aquarius
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Height: 4'11
Weight: 95lb
Measurements: 32DDD-23-33

Social Network Links
ig: luckylittlestar
twitter: luckystarlittle


I'm Full-time mother, part-time model/actress and aspiring chef. I've always been a California girl, grew up in small mountain town in NorCal but moved to Los Angeles at 17. I was kinda the ugly duckling growing up, bit a of a tomboy and a super geek. I love fishing, video games, anime, and food! I didn't start modeling until i was 25, it was something that kinda just happened and i rolled with it. Now i dabble in everything from movies and music videos to promo events and now magazines. I don't really have a style, i like to have fun with everything i do and not limit myself just to one thing.

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