Anthony's RHD 1993 Honda civic SIR2 EG6

Anthony Rivera

Name: Anthony


About the car: Here we have a original RHD 1993 Honda civic SIR2 EG6 car was imported last year and received it last year on Christmas Day best Xmas gift ever. As soon as we received the car with started to give it it's make over by swapping it with a stock k24a2 (TSX) block and a Acura Rsx head with skunk2 stage3 cams and Acura Rsx type S transmission 6 speed. Shortly after 2 months I decided to build another k24 motor 12.5 compression cp pistons Carrillo rods acl bearings circuit heros timing chain lower guide hybrid racing chain tensioner block was built by Jose bello all motor king himself. Me and my uncle Albert Marty owner of STAGE2AUTO finished the motor out by putting a type s head stock port with super tech springs and ret skunk2 stage3 cams skunk2 intake manifold ported with a s90 76 MM throttle body 3 1/2 intake with SSR headers to a full 3inch vibrant exhaust tuned by Chris Harris at xenocron car all v band made 297 to the wheel with 221 torque transmission is just a stock Acura Rsx type s 4.7 final drive with a comp twin disk clutch cooling system is a 3 inch mishimoto radiator that I ended up welding an fittings for a more cleaner look with the k tuned thermostat billet housing.. As of now someone vandalized the whole car broke 3 windows smashed the car with a bat across one whole side and roof keyed the whole other side I decided not to keep the car I striped it down to bare metal and decided to ship another original EG6 over so next year will be a better year.

Suspension: k sport setup for drag full energy bushing kit skunk2 lower control arms with a beaks bar skunk2 cambers front n back karcepts 36mm hubs

Wheels: volk racing monoblock te37 17x7 wrapped in toyo proxy tires
For the street we use 13x8 v2 compitition wheels with a Micky tire 24.5x8

Interior: complete stock gathers interior purple tweed

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