Get Your Street2Track Gear!

Anthony Rivera

So here we have a new car from Anthony.. I am sure you rememder his 1st civic I listed on Street 2 Track "You can see it here"

Dude builds some of the sickest car out today hands down!

Car is lambo green now painted inside and out still the same k24 just a new transmission painted whole motor had all brackets valve cover intake mounts powder coated by mike at quick strip sand blasting and powder coating NJ added a first molding front lip with carbon air ducts complete shaved bay even the hood latch all in fab tucked radiator anodized black Wireworx Milspec harness brake booster delete s2k clutch pump.... Bought every single molding around the car brand new from Honda all oem products roof moldings door moldings (jdm) window visors (jdm) door moldings window moldings everything all bolt boys hardware .... Bunch of k tuned products just about everything they have to offer billet box with plate and race spec cables such an amazing peace .....

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