Casey Walsh - S2T Girl
By Ricky Reyome, Photography by Craig Mac, Jwill Photo, Craig Mac Photo

Name: Casey Walsh

Official Site: OfficialCaseyWalsh.com
Ethnicity: Irish Polish
Country of Origin: US
Province / State: Tampa Florida
Place of Birth: Ft Rucker Alabama
Date of Birth: August 12
Astrological Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Social Network Links: facebook.com/CaseyWalsh.themodel

Email: CaseyKira84@yahoo.com

Thank you list: Craig Mac, Darryl Wilson, Edward Holtzman, Michelle Vandervoort... there's way too many to post, but these 4 have helped my modeling career in so many ways I HAD to thank them :)

Here is a little Q and A with Casey..

Q: Nickname?
A: I actually don't have one

Q: Tattoos?
A: None- I'm a rare breed.

Q: And piercing's?
A: What do I have left? My lip, and a few others I can't mention.

Q: Hidden talent?
A: My pinky is double jointed

Q: Craziest thing done to get a guy's attention?
A: My guy friend went over the the guy Id been eying all day and Asked him what he wanted to drink, cuz the girl at the bar was buying. It worked. Was the best boyfriend I ever had.

Q: Biggest turn-on?
A: Health, Men who take care of themselves- stay in the gym, eat clean, don't smoke.

Q: Biggest turn-off?
A: ghetto/hood and Feminine men. nothings worse than a man who takes longer to get ready than I do, or spills the N word all the time.

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: Tosh.0, Family Guy, South Park.. I love to laugh. In living color was the bestest ever, back in the day.

Q: Favorite Cars?
A: 370z, my Genesis!, SL65 Black Series

Q: Celebrity crush?
A: Vin Deisel And Sophia Vergara

Q: Best pickup lined that worked on you was?
A: I work the door at a gentlemens club. They never work.

Q: Where else would you want to live?
A: Hawaii, or the USVI

Q: Worst habit?
A: eating at 3am

Q: Sports?
A. Football! Go Bucs!

Q: Music?
A: Electronica. I'm in love with Pretty Lights. Reggae too.. love me some Collie Buddz.

Q: Addictions?
A: Greek Yogurt

Q: Personal style?
A: island, boho. Laid back

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Key Lime pie

Q: Phobia?
A: Getting fat. I hear the gym calling my name now!

Q: Best Website? street2track.net Iam sure right? ;) lol
A: haha of course! Officialcaseywalsh.com is pretty awesome too!

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