Anna (Red) - S2T Girl
By Ricky Reyome, Photography by Red Spade Racing

Name: Anna but everyone calls me as Red

Official Site: RedSpadeRacing.com but it's currently in the works. For now it will mainly be racing photography that I share. I would like to expand on the RedSpadeRacing bike lifestyle brand and eventually sell decals and stickers :)

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country of Origin: Poland
Province / State: Residing in Georgia
Place of Birth: Poland
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: light Blue
Hair Color: who the hell knows anymore ;P
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130
Measurements: no idea lol!

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Here is a little Q and A with Red..

Q: Nickname?
A: Red

Q: Tattoos?
A: none! I love them on other people but one, i can't commit to anything and I don't think I would ever be able to feel naked again if i had them.

Q: And piercing's?
A: just your boring ear piercings

Q: Hidden talent?
A: I'm a total dork and I love to paint fantasy illustrations, I did a lot of commission work for years which is currently kind of on hold as I pursue photography

Q: Biggest turn-on?
A: Sincerity and Honesty, tell it like it is!

Q: Biggest turn-off?
A: ego and when someone shows off or tries to embellish things way out of proportion to make themselves look cool--that goes for both males and female.

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: Archer!

Q: Favorite Bike?
A: of course my cbr600rr

Q: Celebrity crush?
A: Andy Whitfield RIP :(

Q: Best pickup lined that worked on you was?
A: I had a guy straight up ask me for a kiss once and it was so disarming that I couldn't help myself. (I ended up marrying him years later, but you don't have to put that in the interview).

Q: Where else would you want to live?
A: Anywhere it's warm, sunny and I could ride year round!

Q: Worst habit?
A: scrunching my forehead when i'm anxious or tired.

Q: Sports?
A: I suck at sports, I have no coordination. I was heavy into lifting and exercise for years, but then a medical condition took me off that track.

Q: Music?
A: Any type of electronica, euro trance, dubstep, all the way to chill and classical.

Q: Addictions?
A: Coffe and Alcohol.

Q: Personal style?
A: I don't really have one, just all around comfort. although I have to admit, leather riding suits are just damn sexy ;)

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: chocolate and pastries

Q: Phobia?
A: public speaking, I freeze!

Q: Best Website? street2track.net Iam sure right? ;) lol
A: Duh! :) and RedSpadeRacing.com is pretty badass too!

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