Zachary Smith

Here is a little about Zachary and His 2011 Evolution GSR..

Zachary Smith
Las Vegas, NV
Rally, Video Games, Post Hardcore Music, Beer Connoisseur, Tatted Life
Twitter: @OnsceneLV, Instagram: @ZachtehBlueshift, Website www.OnsceneLV.com
My Goal is to always push my vehicles to their utmost limits and potential. To show people that show are cars aren't the only ones with head turning abilities. Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.
Thanks to Street2Track for throwing a feature and Alex for me being the only mechanic I trust!

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR
365whp/375trq, 4B11T, SAWC AWD
KW Clubsports V3 (JRZ Damper Plates) Enkei Raijin/ Yokohoma YK580 Upgraded Brembo Brake Kit and Rotors
Fully Custom and Modified Aluminum Under tray along with an Aluminum Billet Bash Bar from Road Race Engineering (custom fab). Turbo Back Custom 3" Exhaust with AEM tips.
AEM Gauge Cluster (TruBoost, A/F, Oil Pressure) Bolton Roll Cage
Full Rockford Fosgate Sound System

I'd like to thank Ryan from 6651 for always allowing me to dirty up his shop. Eric Blank for sponsoring such a strange art! John Cummins from street swell for making the best boards on the planet and treating me like a son! Bean from Living Dead for turning my body into a masterpiece. Ryan Gates for pushing me and supporting every aspect of racing/building/ and video game playing of mine. The Guys down at South Coast Mitsubishi Rigo and Eric for always having my back. My Rally Teammates Nathan and George (WMD). ADTR. All the show cars out there. My Brother Tristan for blowing up more cars than me. KOA P EDWARDS! My Love Mahealani for always pushing me to go the extra mile and being my Ride of Die Bitch!

-Rally On


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